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Briefly about us and our activities
In Autumn 2010 a decision was taken for the creation of “Russian-Indian Friendship Society “DISHA” in Russia, Moscow, which is aimed at establishment of partnership and cultural relations among it`s members and people of Russia and India.
India and Russia has a long history of close relationship. Many individuals and institutions have played important part in developing these relations. There are individuals who came to Russia for study or other business purposes and subsequently made this country their own home. Some of them have come even four decades back. Many of them married to Russian women and started living with them in this country.

To create a new bridge between India and Russia, which involves the development and strengthening of cultural, artistic, economic and social ties between the peoples of Russia and India.

1. Association of Russian-Indian families, lovers of India and Russia, and various Russian-Indian organizations;
2. Exchange of cultural and artistic heritage of Russia and India.
3. Support for Indian citizens residing in Russia.

Also the creation of the NCO “DISHA” is aimed at promotion of cultural, creative, academic, economic, and social relations through its activities among people of two countries Russia & India.

NCO "DISHA" actively participates and supports cultural events organized by the Embassy of India, and other cultural organizations in different cities of Russia.

Objects of the NCO “DISHA”
• Promotion of economic, commercial, scientific, cultural, academic, social, tourism and sports activities among the people of Russia and India;
• Establishment of the independent amateur and professional associations, creative and production groups;
• Assistance in organizing performances, concerts, festivals, meetings, parties, competitions, parades, exchanges etc.;
• Promotion of business relations between both countries;
• Organization of forums, conferences, symposia, trade fairs, seminars, round-tables and other events.
• Assistance in establishing and promoting inter-governmental and international relations, cooperation with organizations, associations of other countries, aimed at strengthening friendship and international cooperation;
• Promotion of tourism, academic and other activities among children and youth.
• Promotion of India as academic hub.
• Promotion of Yoga in Russia.
• Promotion of Ayurveda in Russia.
• Promotion of ancient Vedic Science in Russia.

NCO “DISHA” intends to closely work with the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center, Embassy of India, Moscow and with the support of other cultural, social, governmental/non-governmental, commercial and professional organizations in Russia and India.

Dr.Rameshwar Singh
+7 (985) 341-38-59

«We intend to render assistance in organizing and conducting events, which will promote the spirit of patriotism and love to the Motherland, government symbols and language, development of national traditions and customs of Russian and Indian people»


Rati Kosinova
+7 (916) 409-03-51
«Our aim is to become a new resource between people of Russia and India for achieving new milestones in relations between the two great countries of the world»
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